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    The top 8 things you need to know about Saint Patrick’s Day!

    Saint Patrick’s Day

    Saint Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture that takes place on March 17th. The holiday has been celebrated for centuries and has grown into a large and popular event. Here are the top 8 things you need to know about Saint Patrick’s Day!

    The History of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day dates all the way back to the 17th century in Ireland. It began as a religious holiday to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Over the years, the holiday has grown and expanded to become a world-wide celebration. Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is more about celebrating Irish culture and heritage than its religious roots. The holiday is typically a time for Irish-Americans to come together and celebrate the culture and traditions of their ancestors. The holiday is also an opportunity for those outside of the Irish community to come together and participate in the festivities. In the U.S., Saint Patrick’s Day has become a major holiday where cities turn green and celebrate with festivities.

    Killeavy Castle Estate, Co Armagh ©Killeavy Castle Estate

    The Traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day

    Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a variety of traditions, including parades, music, dancing, food, and drink. Wearing green is another popular tradition, made popular by the phrase, “the wearing of the green.” The phrase comes from an Irish ballad that was popular in the 19th century. People also use the shamrock, a three-leafed clover, as a symbol of good luck and to remember the story of Saint Patrick and the shamrocks he used to explain the Holy Trinity. Other popular traditions include drinking green beer and eating traditional Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage and potato leek soup. The holiday is also a time for families to gather for large meals and parties. And, of course, no Saint Patrick’s Day celebration would be complete without the traditional Irish step-dancing.

    The Symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The shamrock is the most recognizable symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day. The three-leafed clover is said to have been used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity to the ancient Celts. The color green has also been adopted as a symbol of the holiday, with people wearing green clothes, dyeing rivers green and decorating cities in shades of green. The harp is another popular symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day. The national symbol of Ireland, the harp is often seen in decorations and artwork associated with the holiday. The color orange is also sometimes seen, particularly in flags and other decorations. This is due to the many people in Ireland who consider themselves both Irish and British.

    St. Patricks Cathedral

    The Foods of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The traditional Irish diet consists of hearty dishes made from potatoes, beans, and meats like beef, lamb, and pork. On Saint Patrick’s Day, popular dishes include corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew and colcannon, and potato leek soup. Bread is also popular, particularly soda bread, which has its origins in Ireland. Guinness is one of the most popular beverages on Saint Patrick’s Day, as it is often associated with Ireland. Other popular drinks include Irish coffee and Irish whiskey.

    The Entertainment of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The entertainment of Saint Patrick’s Day is typically centered around Irish dancing, music and folklore. Traditional Irish music is often the soundtrack to the festivities, with musicians playing sprightly jigs and reels on instruments like the fiddle and the tin whistle. Irish dancing is one of the most popular entertainment elements of Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s believed that Irish step-dancing dates back to the 8th century, when it was mainly used as a way to tell stories. Today, Irish step-dancing remains popular and is often seen on Saint Patrick’s Day.

    Festival Band Stand ©St Patricks Festival Kilkenny/ Dylan Vaughan Photography

    The Parades of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The parade is one of the most iconic elements of Saint Patrick’s Day. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York City in 1762, and it has become an annual tradition ever since. Now, cities across the world host parades that feature colorful floats, marching bands, entertainers, and Irish-themed decorations. Most Saint Patrick’s Day parades are festive and family-friendly. They are often filled with music, costumes, and dancers making it a great event for both children and adults to enjoy. Parades in cities like Dublin and Chicago also tend to be quite large, with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance.

    The Drinks of Saint Patrick’s Day

    No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without drinks. Guinness is one of the most popular choices, and it’s said that it’s the beer most commonly served on the holiday. Irish whiskey is another common choice, with many people opting for the popular Irish whiskey brands like Jameson or Bushmills. Other popular drinks include Irish coffee, made with strong brewed coffee, sugar, and whiskey. Those looking for something a bit different might opt for Irish cream like Baileys. And of course, green beer is always a popular choice, although it wasn’t invented until the 1970s in the United States.

    St Patrick’s Day Festival, Dublin City ©Allen Kiely | Courtesy Allen Kiely

    The Fashion of Saint Patrick’s Day

    The traditional garb associated with Saint Patrick’s Day includes green hats, jackets, and ties. Other popular items include belts and buckles made of green leather. kilts are also often seen at the holiday, as some people consider them a symbol of Irish pride. In recent years, shamrock-shaped sunglasses have become a popular fashion statement on Saint Patrick’s Day. They come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a fun accessory to any Saint Patrick’s Day outfit.

    St Patrick’s Day Festival, Dublin City ©Allen Kiely | Courtesy Allen Kiely

    Saint Patrick’s Day is an annual celebration of Irish culture that has been enjoyed for centuries. With its traditional foods, drinks, fashion, and entertainment, it is a great event for both the Irish and non-Irish alike to enjoy. From parades to music to fashion, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this special day. So, grab a pint of Guinness and wear something green, and enjoy the festivities of Saint Patrick’s Day!

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