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    A Day Tour Through Killarney

    It is not hard to see why Killarney is described in such an eloquent manner. Situated on the shores of Lough Lein the largest of the three Lakes of Killarney in a magical valley with 33,000 acres of National Park and protected by the largest Mountain range in Ireland, Killarney is one of Ireland’s magical experiences.

    The range of Outdoor activities is endless in the Killarney & Kerry region, for example:

    Walker and Hikers are in for a real treat with an abundance of wonderful walks through the Killarney National Park, which offers 33,000 acres of lakeside, mountain, and ambling walks to suite all tastes. Horse Riding and Pony Trekking is available through the Killarney National Park where groups of all sizes can be catered for.

    Killarney National Park, Co Kerry. Courtesy Hu O’Reilly

    Jaunting Cars

    No trip to Killarney would be complete without experiencing the renowned Jaunting car trip – a type of Horse drawn carriage famous in the Killarney valley for over two Hundred years. Trips can be organised to and from the to Muckross House and Gardens (Queen Victoria visited Muckross House on a Royal Visit to Ireland in 1861) or to Ross Castle, about three miles from the Hotel overlooking the famous Lakes of Killarney.

    Jaunting car tour, Killarney National Park, Co Kerry. Courtesy Hu O’Reilly

    Day Trips

    Enjoy a full day trip which will allow you to discover the full range of Killarney natural beauty, or on a day trip to visit the greater Kerry region – featuring areas like the Dingle Peninsula, its rugged scenery, which was highlighted in the Tom Cruse & Nicole Kidman film “Far and Away” and David Leane’s epic film “Ryan’s Daughter” featuring Robert Mitchum and Sara Mills. The full cast stayed at the Great Southern and travelled to Dingle daily.

    Slea Head Drive, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland ©Dave Walsh | Courtesy Dave Walsh

    The famous Ring of Kerry renowned for its amazing scenic beauty is one of Irelands most recognized and travelled tourist attraction, which meanders its way through mountains, lakes, majestically sea views and picturesque villages.

    Kate Kearney’s Cottage, a charming country pub where you can partake in an Irish coffee while choosing your mount to begin your adventure through this rugged glacial mountain pass. The more leisurely choice would be jaunting car, where the local guide will regal you with the legends and tall tales of the area.

    As you amble along you will find yourself imagining the battle between the irresistible forces of the glaciers from the north meeting the immovable mountains The MacGillycuddy Reeks of Kerry, over 20,000 years ago. The Reeks bear the scars of the struggle and dominate one side of the pass with the Purple Mountains on the other.

    Macgillycuddys Reeks. © Chris Hill Photographic 2014

    From the top of the pass you are treated to your first glimpse of the Black Valley, so called because it remained untouched by modern technology until the early seventies.

    At Lord Brandon’s Cottage, lunch can be enjoyed before continuing your adventure. Prepare to be treated to view after view of exhilarating beauty on your journey by boat through the three famous Killarney Lakes. The encircling mountain slopes and woodlands are home to the Red Deer, Sika Deer, otters, badgers, foxes and hares whilst hawks hover overhead.

    The Old Weir Bridge links the middle and lower lakes and here the boats “shoot the rapids” stopping at the romantic Dinis Cottage for afternoon tea.

    Old Weir Bridge, Killarney, Co Kerry. Courtesy Finola White

    Lough Leane is the last of the lakes and here your journey becomes more serene before your final stop at the majestic Ross Castle, once the stronghold of the local chieftain, O’Donoghue who is known to emerge form the lake on his trusted steed each May Day at sunrise

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