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    Don’t Worry – Bee Happy

    Meet Paddy Gorman, farmer and beekeeper at Bee Wise Garden and Nature Trail, who is creating a buzz around Kilmessan, County Meath.

    The Royal County is known for its agricultural land, and to a lesser extent its abundance of nature. Paddy is passionate about sharing the ‘story of honey‘ and protecting the almost 100 different types of bees in Ireland. Bee Wise is a nature and educational trail, with a bee apiary, all created to extol the virtues of pollinators.

    Honey has such versatility as an ingredient, it can be used to glaze a ham, add sweetness to a cake, topping for porridge, even used to make a skin scrub, but can also sooth a tickle in the throat. This ancient form of food production has been used for medicinal purposes to this very day.

    Paddy Gorman, Bee Wise, Co. Meath

    How Bee Wise came to be 

    Paddy always had an interest in nature from a very young age and a passion for the outdoors. Growing up in the 1970’s on a small farm his pastime was going on walks through the fields to the Kilcarty woods, Knocktown Furze-Hills or to the river Boyne. He inherited the farm when he was just 15 years of age, where his family always grew their own vegetables, fruit, reared their own animals for their meat, milk, eggs and of course, honey from their Uncle Brian’s bee hives. In 2010, Paddy decided to get some bees and become a beekeeper. It was as a beekeeper that he realized that everything was not so good with Ireland’s bee population and our pollinators in general, so he decided to do something about it. In 2012, Paddy started to draw up a plan for a bee-friendly garden. In the Spring of 2013 he planted 10,000 trees for bees.


    Bee Wise, County Meath © Bee Wise

    Aim of the Bee Wise project: 

    The aim of Bee Wise is to give people the chance to experience the wonder of nature close up. They demonstrate that by doing something small it can bring wildlife into your garden and make a difference to the eco-system around us. Bee Wise aim to educate children and adults in the importance of biodiversity and to notice the wildlife that is all around us. They do this through discovery learning techniques that build knowledge and instill a love of nature forever. Set on five acres of woodland, the nature trail also offers the chance to see beehives through observation hives placed behind plexiglass. The Bee Wise experience educates young and old through hands on learning in practical workshops, through nature walks and through interactive play. Post nature walk, one can taste – on site – the honey produced by Bee Wise’s very own pollinators.

    Bee Hives at Bee Wise, Co. Meath © Bee Wise
    Busy Bees at work © Bee Wise

    Raw Irish Honey & Beeswax Gifts.

    Bee Wise honey is 100% natural, raw, lightly filtered (to remove wax particles, etc.) and sourced from all the Bee Wise hives in Co. Meath.

    Honey from Bee Wise, County Meath. © Bee Wise


    Bee Wise products include honey, jams, beeswax candles, creams (hand cream/skin balm) and lip balms. A wonderful treat for you and your honey.

    Bee Wise Products © Bee Wise

    #MeetTheMaker #FillYourHeartWithIreland

    Have a buzzing time with your honey in Ireland.

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    Note: Featured image at the top of the blog is of the gardens at Bee Wise Nature Trail, County Meath © Bee Wise Facebook

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