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    World’s First Farm To Table Irish Cream Liqueur

    Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur from County Cork, crafted from single batches of fresh cream, is a true farm-to-table product. The dairy farming industry in Ireland dates back thousands of years. Temperate climate and fertile soils have long provided ideal conditions for producing milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products.

    The cream is sourced entirely from five family-owned farms in County Cork, run by families that have a deep connection to the land and a passion for their craft.

    Johnny Harte, Co-Ordinator of Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur County Cork – Tourism Ireland ©

    County Cork is also home to the centuries-old tradition of distilling authentic Irish Whiskey. The pot stills traditionally used for distillation gave the spirit a consistency that has remained timeless. Premium triple-distilled Irish Whiskey has a smoothness and complexity that add depth to the sweetness of the cream. Five Farms contains a greater amount of Irish Whiskey than other brands on the market, setting it apart in the category and allowing for an intensity of whiskey flavor and warmth that is truly one of a kind. The result is a superior Irish Cream Liqueur with the richness of Ireland itself.

    Every Friday, a tanker stops at each of the five farms to collect the milk and deliver it to the local Co-op, where it is pumped into a silo to set it aside from the batches coming in from the other hundreds of farms in the Co-op. This milk is then separated into rich dairy cream and combined with premium Irish Whiskey to become authentic Irish Cream Liqueur within 48 hours of collection.

    Bottle of Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur in County Cork ©

    The “Happy Cows”

    The “Happy” Cows of County Cork are outside 300 days of the year, grazing in lush pastures and soaking up the sun and the ocean air. The families who run these farms don’t just tend to their herds, they care for them. They are deeply committed to giving them the best quality of life.

    This care is most evident in the treatment of the cows who are calving and the calves once they are born. The average age of first calving is two years, and most farms have two calving seasons; typically a shorter season in late autumn and then a longer season from late January until April. The spring calving season has the advantage of nicer weather, allowing the calves to be introduced to pasture sooner.

    New calves have no immunity for the first week so they are kept in separate pens before being moved to the calf shed, where they typically stay for 12 to 14 weeks before being moved out to grass.

    Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur – Tourism Ireland ©

    Five Farm Recipes

    Farm Fresh

    3 oz Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur.

    Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur, fresh from the farm into a glass. The Farm Fresh is simple, smooth, and delicious.

    Pour Five Farms into a chilled glass and serve ice-cold.

    Emerald Isle

    2.0 oz Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur
    1.0 oz 360 Sorrento Lemon Flavored Vodka
    0.5 oz Créme de Menthe
    0.5 oz Maple Syrup

    In a shaker add Five Farms, 360 Sorrento Lemon Flavored Vodka, Créme de Menthe, and Maple syrup. Dry shake for 30 seconds. Add ice to shaker and shake again for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist.

    Here is a short clip of the steps to make this Emerald Isle 

    Emerald Isle Cocktail with Five Farms Irish Cream ©

    On the Rocks 

    While we enjoy a great recipe as much as the next person, we feel that Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur is best served on the rocks. Simply open the bottle, and pour over fresh, clear ice and you have a perfect cocktail.

    Here is a short clip of this option using Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur. 


    For more recipes take a look at the Five Farms list of recipes on their website.

    Taste of Cork. 

    Contact Specialized Travel Services to embark on a gourmet trail around County Cork’s tastiest stops from rural bliss to urban delights and awaken your taste buds through the rich foodie culture and traditional flavors of Ireland.

    For a sample of a memorable food adventure in Ireland, sink your teeth into our mouthwatering “Ireland’s Flavor and Food Trail” tour, which takes you from home-spun traditional foods to the cutting edge of culinary talent.

    We’ve got lots more traditional foods for you to try out in Ireland. All delicious and with stories of their own. It doesn’t get better than that.

    Soak in the views, savor each moment, and please ensure to Drink Responsibly.



    Five Farms County Cork – Tourism Ireland ©




    Note: Featured image at the top of the blog is of a bottle of Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur ©


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