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    9 Must Try Treats From Northern Ireland

    For some Friday Foodie Fun here are 9 Must try Treats from Northern Ireland

    From sweet-treats and local craft beers to some of the world’s best seafood, make a plan for your Northern Ireland Taste Tour and eat to your hearts content –

    Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland © Brian Morrison & Tourism Northern Ireland.

    1.Northern Ireland’s Favorite Sweet Treat “Fifteens” – Looking for a Sweet Treat from Northern Ireland – Watch Chef Tracey Jeffrey, from Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen make Northern Ireland’s Favorite Sweet Treat “Fifteens” by the shores of Strangford Lough.

    Tracey’s Recipe for “Fifteens” © Tracey’s Farmhouse

    Crush the biscuits until they are mostly crumbs, Add the chopped marshmallows and cherries, Pour in the condensed milk and mix until everything comes together, Place all of the mixture into a tray and sprinkle the top with the coconut and then put it into the fridge for 2 hours or 40 minutes in the freezer. Cut into squares and enjoy a wee taste of the island.

    Fifteens © Pinterest –

    2. Seafood & Fish – Northern Ireland’s waters, its loughs, lakes and rivers give rise to mouthwatering seafood dishes. Sample the delicious taste of Strangford Lough Oysters, Glenarm Organic Salmon and Lough Neagh Eel’s creamy flesh, which is a real delicacy.

    Carlingford Lough – Oyster and Mussel fishing © Tourism Northern Ireland

    3. The Ulster Fry – Sausages & Bacon are the chief ingredients of the breakfast of champions. Try the award-winning McCartney’s of Moira Sausages and some Fermanagh Black Bacon from an special breed of pigs roaming freely on a small island in Upper Lough Erne in County Fermanagh.

    The Ulster Fry © Rob Durston & Tourism Northern Ireland

    4. Bramley Apples & Artisan Cider – The story of the apple is most prominent in Co. Armagh, the orchard county of Ireland and the fruit is thought to date back to the days of Saint Patrick, when he is credited with planting an apple tree at the ancient settlement of Ceangoba, east of Armagh City. Armagh Cider Company produce wonderful artisan cider and hand crafted products bursting with natural flavor (delicious on a hot Summer’s day).

    Armagh Bramley Apples © Brian Morrison & Tourism Northern Ireland

    5. Bread & Butter –  You must try some simply delicious potato bread farls or soda bread farls along with your Ulster Fry.  Ditty’s Bakery in Castledawson is a famous Northern Ireland Bakery offering a broad range of specialty biscuits, pastries, breads and savoury foods. Churned by hand in the heart of County Down, Abernethy Butter is richly flavored & a creamy perfection. 

    Abernethy Butter ©

    6. Pure Cheese – One of Northern Ireland’s highest quality artisan products, Cheese is handcrafted from the purest of milk. For a mild cheese try the salty Ballylisk’s Triple Rose cheese with lemon undertones or for any blue cheese fans taste Kearney Blue inspired by the stone walls of County Down and Young Buck, which is a raw milk cheese.

    Ballylisk Triple Rose Cheese, Co. Armagh ©

    7. Melt in Your Mouth Beef & Venison – Northern Ireland’s lush, grassy landscapes contribute to its exceptional beef such as award winning Hannan Beef and its savoury Baronscourt Estate Wild Venison.

    Baronscourt Estate Venison © Baronscourt Estate

    8. Creamiest Ice-Cream – Similar to craft beers and gourmet burgers, a growing number of homemade, independent and farmhouse brands are making udderly delicious ice cream. Cool down with some Tickety-Moo from Killadeas in County Fermanagh, Maud’s in County Down or try the old fashioned Morelli’s in Portstewart, County Derry.

    Tickety Moo Ice-Cream – Photographer/Creator: Tony Pleavin © Tourism Ireland

    9. Smooth & Mellow WhiskeyBushmills Irish Whiskey is made at the world’s oldest licenced working distillery in a stunning location in County Antrim. Its a must try on any taste of Ireland tour.

    Old Bushmills Distillery ©

    A Taste of Ireland

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    Take a look at our Northern Gems tour and Ireland’s Flavor and Food Trails to whet your appetite and to help you plan your next Ireland Vacation.  Pack your bags and prepare your palate for a mouth watering taste sensation in every county.




    Note: Featured image at the top of the blog is of Strangford Lough, Ards & North Down District. Photographer/Creator: Brian Morrison © Tourism Northern Ireland


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